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Welcome to Transmissions From Jonestown. Leading up to the mass suicides in Jonestown the Peoples Temple recorded hundreds of hours of audio. Now for the first time, listen to the story of the Peoples Temple told by the people who were there. 

Nov 7, 2017

On November 18 1978, an entire community of United States Citizens died deep in the jungle of Guyana. At the command of  their charismatic leader Rev. Jim Jones 909 members of the peoples temple agricultural project lost their lives, some believed they were committing a revolutionary act of suicide, others were forced or coerced by the group. A colorful toxic mix of flavor aid, Kool-Aid and cyanide was passed around in Dixie cups, for those unable or unwilling the mixture was administered using syringes. Most of us have heard the story, an egomaniacal madman and his brainwashed cult of zombie followers commit mass suicide in the heart of darkness. Nothing more than a cautionary tale reminding us all to think for ourselves and never ever drink the Kool-Aid. Join us as we investigate how it all began.