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Welcome to Transmissions From Jonestown. Leading up to the mass suicides in Jonestown the Peoples Temple recorded hundreds of hours of audio. Now for the first time, listen to the story of the Peoples Temple told by the people who were there. 

Dec 2, 2020

I believe in Jim Jones. Many of you have seen the photograph. An elderly woman dressed in her Sunday best with a resolute, if not revolutionary sparkle in her eye. But what did Jim Jones believe? Jim Jones, the pied piper of lies, will forever be remembered as the self-proclaimed prophet who led his flock to the slaughter. Traditional Churches immediately distanced themselves from the Peoples Temple Christian church after the tragedy in Jonestown claiming that Jim Jones only used religion to introduce people to socialism. To assume that whatever the temple believed cannot be found in the Bible might seem reasonable, even comforting. Surely the foundation of a communist suicide cult could only grow outside of traditional religions and on foreign soil. But this assumption is wrong. Join us as we examine Jim Jones beliefs and his adventures with the Holy Ghost.