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Welcome to Transmissions From Jonestown. Leading up to the mass suicides in Jonestown the Peoples Temple recorded hundreds of hours of audio. Now for the first time, listen to the story of the Peoples Temple told by the people who were there. 

Nov 18, 2017

Unable to delay Leo Ryan's congressional inquiry any longer, Jim Jones readied the settlement for what he believed to be an attempt to destroy the Peoples Temple by defectors. An elaborate show was performed in the pavilion and fried chicken was served. To the visitors the people seemed happy and well nourished.  The atmosphere in Jonestown relaxed as Leo Ryan expressed how impressive the community was , it seemed the Peoples Temple had survived yet another attack by outside forces. As the Jonestown Express played on, a note was passed to newsman Don Harris that said, "HELP US GET OUT OF JONESTOWN". This episode focuses on Jonestown, on its last day on earth.